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Did you know that humans have been landscaping since the time of the ancient Mayans? Oakwood Recreation is a leader in modern landscaping and takes the lead in planning, laying out, and constructing gardens and useable outdoor spaces. Our premium landscapes are:

  • A perfectly balanced combination of hardscapes (patios) and softscapes (plants)
  • Cover everything from advisory and design to assembly and maintenance
  • Customised for your needs and preferences, whether you want to greet your guests with flowers, plant rambling vines, or dress up your driveway
  • Made of high-quality materials, from the soil to the fences and pavements to ornamental gates
  • Blend good aesthetics, horticultural knowledge, and sustainability all together to transform your property

Our services span a wide range, including mowing, turf care, perennial care, irrigation management, mulch application, tree care, leaf removal, plant installation, and many more.


Have a look at our three-tier landscaping service:


Bring your landscape idea to life and get the project underway with a well thought-out, quality-oriented design. Our team is just about the right one to provide your design needs and satisfy your expectations, taking into account any special features you’d like added.


Once we’ve mapped out the perfect design, our trusted contractors get to work and deploy the necessary equipment and resources to execute your vision. We work with full compliance and close adherence to your design preferences, giving you a landscape that’s equally beautiful and functional.


Cherish your landscaped property for a long time as we keep it in tiptop condition and make sure it stays as the ultimate garden or outdoor retreat you’ve always wanted. We take serious, committed measures to maintain your property’s features.


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If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for or wonder about the best possible way to go, get in touch with our in-house consultants so they can advise you on the perfect project.

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